RIL TreesHe knows you by name and has a specific plan just for you.
He is ordering your steps.
He has gone before you and has made every crooked place straight!
He is behind the scenes, moving on your behalf and making all things work together for your good.
Don’t let your circumstances camouflage your blessings.
Trust God!
He is faithful to do just what he said he would do!
Don’t sit in fear or doubt, Arise!Don’t disqualify yourself when God has sealed you with the resurrection life within!

You are empowered to Thrive!
All things are possible with God and he is for you!
He is the author and finisher of your faith!
​Creator of ALL!
Who reigns with all power and authority!He has already made a way for you!
He sees you in your future and it is glorious!

Meditate on his word! Praise your way into his presence!

Mountains melt like wax in his presence!

The weapon may have been formed but it will not prosper!

The enemy may have plotted but God will use it for your good!

Leave your concerns at his feet this morning!

I declare the peace that surpasses understanding flows in and though you!

God is in control and has given you power over the enemy and all he has and will throw at you!  You are a overcomer, more than a conqueror!  Declare it!

A child of the Most High and you Reign in Love RIGHT NOW!

Believe it,  Receive it & Walk IN IT!

♚ The BLESSING is on Your LIFE! ♚
“I will bless you … and you will be a blessing.” Genesis 12:2