Faith2015You are fearfully and wonderfully made and fashioned by God to be unique and peculiar!  You weren’t created to fit in but to stand out and you stand out because you walk by faith and not by sight!

Friends, here is a public service announcement!  Faith isn’t designed to make sense!  The natural mind won’t understand it!  Everybody may be going left and God will tell you to go right!  You will at times be the exception and breaks the rules!  The one who takes a risk or a leap of faith!  You see, faith is designed to glorify God and to bring you to a place of complete trust in Him!

We are to trust Him in ALL circumstances “good & bad”!  It’s easy to trust Hm when things are good, but in the bad times trust means that you aren’t gonna unpack and live at a self pity party! NO WAY!  We will trust Him and He is faithful to work ALL things out for our good!  Think of Job, despite all of the suffering and loss he went through Job said, “though He slay me, yet I will trust Him!’

We are to trust Him with the process and journey because in it our muscles are being developed and strengthened!  The pressure and pain you experience serve to make way for expansion and increase!  We begin to realize that every step taken are being divinely led and even tests and trials serve a purpose because God has promised to give us treasures hidden in darkness!  This means that your pain is not in vain!  Your Redeemer will have the final say!

Friends, let us pray!

Father God I thank you and by faith I declare this a season of supernatural release and increase!  I declare restoration in our health, in our relationships, in our finances, in our marriages and in our nation!  I declare a supernatural shift be revealed!

  • Where there was sickness release healing!
  • Where there was lack release abundance and overflow!
  • Where there was weakness release divine strength!
  • Where there was doubt release abounding grace and
  • where there was fear release the fire of your love!

In the Mighty, Matchless and Powerful Name of Jesus, I declare it So! Amen!