Declaration: I BOLDLY pursue my dreams with passion & determination! I am fully persuaded that with GOD, I can surely do all things.

I do not compare myself with another, but am confident in He who lives in and through me. Courageously, I rise above fear, for all of Heaven is on my side!

I celebrate others and am celebrated! I give generously and therefore I receive generously! My light shines brightly reflecting the Glory of He who sits at the Throne of my Heart!

I am unapologetically and authentically whom I was created to be!
My light dims for no one and I have no tolerance for mediocrity!
I am blessed to be a blessing; destined to live in ABUNDANCE!

This is my confession!

♚ The BLESSING is on my LIFE! ♚

Joy, Peace, Health, Wealth, Wisdom & a heart full of LOVE is my portion!

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10b